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Horseback riding events for 2016 :


June 17th - Painting day with Mark Grice

Painting Day with Mark Grice



July 8th - Workshop with Rebecca

July 8th - one ride time (but if we have alot of rider's we will ride longer)
Time - ready to ride by 12:30
~ The subject ~
"Pick the perfect Pace for your horse"
This is for minimum improvers level - more suited for novices and up (6:00 - 7:00 and 8:00) $40.00 per rider
Your round will be consistent, you will get down lines in the correct number of strides and you will find distances ~ all wining qualities for hunter over fences, and equitation classes.
We will be concentrating on ~ PACE!
Pace - The first thing the judge looks at and wants as soon as you enter the ring. It’s not your horse’s form or how beautiful he is or even what his manners are like. Believe it or not, it’s pace—your horse’s speed, or miles per hour, as determined by his stride length and a basically consistent rhythm.
For a really good trip, maybe the winning trip, the judge will want to see your pace stay pretty much the same all the way around. Of course, you’re going to make little adjustments by lengthening and shortening stride on a rhythm, but otherwise, everything should be very consistent so you maintain pace.
The right pace involves manners and style—if your horse is going too fast, your round could look frenzied; if he’s crawling along at two miles an hour, it will look dull; and if he’s fast, slow, fast, slow, it will look erratic. Above all, the right pace, when combined with a good track, is the magic ingredient that allows you to see a distance so your takeoff and landing are comfortably, stylishly equidistant from the fence. As we all know, even if you have a nice rhythmic, consistent round, you’re not going to do well if you keep having chips or flying long spots.
Pace Is Part Math and Part Feel
Don’t groan! In this clinic Rebecca is going to show you exactly how to use math to develop the feel for the pace your horse needs for that all-important and consistent 12-foot stride. We’re going to do it with just three simple exercises. First, you’ll canter two ground poles set 12 feet apart, then you’ll canter two verticals on a four- or five-stride line and finally, you’ll canter a single vertical. Ride these exercises repeatedly, doing each one until it feels good and always noticing and correcting for any deviation from your ideal pace and addressing it. As you progress, you’ll find that you don’t even need a ground person to tell you if you’re on pace or not. It will be pretty black and white whether or not your distances are medium-ish and, especially in the line, if you’re getting the correct number of strides. In fact, pace is about as close as you can get to an exact science with this whole horse thing. This will be a fantastic clinic - hope you can come!



July 15th Fun day and Team Relay

You will need a partner (cause this is in teams) and each relay will be points awarded - highest points wins!
Ready to ride by 12:30 please and pick up at 2:30
Here are the Team Challenge Relays ****
. Musical Stalls. Yup, typical, but you must go into the stalls with your team partner.
Obstacle Course Attached,
Teams of two, each one holds the end of some object; a ribbon, a towel, whatever you want. The object can be as long or as short as you'd like. Without letting go of the object, riders must complete a set course (circles, halts, trotting and cantering and a jump) Whichever teams completes the course the fastest, without letting go of the object, wins.
Again, it's best to have tolerant horses for this. And using a water gun or a long crop riders chase each other (AT THE TROT OR WALK. NO FASTER!) around the arena and try and tag one another. If you're tagged, you take the object, and become it - timed in 15 mins each time your "it" it's worth points.
Gymnastic Course pairs - judged for "pace", jumped together points are established by Holly.
and finally....
Gambler's choice course with 7 jumps, and timed for the fastest "pair" with no faults.
Elimination round ++++
Bribe your horse;
Always a fun one. First, tie up the horses's reins. Have a designated starting and stopping point. The teams must lead the horses - WITHOUT touching them - to the end. They can use treats, grain, hay, whatever, to try and get the horse to follow them. It's always amusing to see the different horses' reactions. Some take off after the person, and some don't really want anything to do with it. :P Again, team who finishes first wins.
It's just $25.00 (and considered a "lesson" for those that part-board, or can be used for a makeup lesson for those in need)
Ready to ride by 12:30 - maximum 10 riders (5 teams of two) Sign up will go fast.

July 29th - Derby Day with Harley

++++ this is now full! ~ Hunter Trials - Derby - July 29th. With Harley - limited to 10 riders.

A "Derby" is defined as any event which includes a showjumping and x country.
It's a not a timed event (i.e. no optimum time or time limit) but it will monitor that riders are riding at a safe speed and at a speed needed to do a cross country jump.

This is an "Introductory Training & Encourager Class" for those wanting to do a bit of work over our fences "outside the ring"

First, starting in the ring - EXERCISING & WARMING UP - then we venture out to the cross country course we will set up for you.
Two levels - team one, team two.

After warm up lets do the course.

You will jump out of the ring (via poles at the show entrance) and onto the existing and new build obstacles (safe of course) on the grass, and thru to the bottom gate into the woods.
A roll back to the grass and finish going home thru the "trail" beside the ring/hwy (which has a few new jumps) and circle back to the dressage ring, (which includes a couple more jumps), and back to us at the exit gate poles of the ring.

It's not about speed, it's about a safe pace and a clear round.
Experiencing your horse in an atmosphere not typical to them.

Join in - it starts at 10;00 and goes to 11:30

BOOT CAMP!!!August 8th to 13th 2017

A six day show camp for those riders that are riding elsewhere or in our existing lesson programs.

This camp is by invitation/approval only.

Geared for the novice rider already mastered w/t/c and jumping a small course.

A great camp for those that want to come to a show with us!

One night of sleep over on Friday night - Saturday is show prep. Sunday we trailer out to Teen Ranch to compete in the

Hunter/Jumper Show - August 13th

Tuesday to Friday, two hours a day of riding time in a group lesson. 

The week includes Quiz's, Contests and Team activities. Showing etiquette, learning to braid and practice sessions will be our focus through out the days.

Saturday morning - wake to full breakfast, and then off to the stables to get ready for our the off property horse show.

This camp is our most challenging camp, and not for beginner riders.


October 1st - Rider Level one/two starts

This is the first class for our fall sessions -

Position Critique for Equitation Over Fences
Clinic - October 15th.


In House Horse Show - October 29th


Teen Ranch Banquet October 22nd




Teen Ranch Champs 2016 -

Our Year End Champions, awarded at the Year End Banquet.


Teen Ranch Champs 2016


Adults Only Program continues - 12 months of the year!!

A four week program - just $99 for all four lessons. (taxes included)
Join us for "Fun Fitness on Horseback",  for adults-only - Tuesday  to Thursday  nights, from 8 pm to 9pm all year long.

This program is designed for individuals who have had to give riding away or, for those that have never afforded the chance to try it, due to lifestyle commitments and changes. This is a reduced-rate value program for adults only.
A wonderful way to exercise and lose weight. It is a low impact, non-competitive time that is the perfect distraction from some of lifes stresses.

Sign up for a four-week program and book your riding time around your busy schedule.

Small groups of just starting or improving adults, up to 5 students per group and the lessons last 45 minutes.
Please arrive 30 minutes before the lesson and stay 20 minutes after the lesson.
Our lessons are suited for the adult who has always wanted to ride or to rekindle something started.
Each lesson walks you through the basics of riding and horse care in an adults-only environment.
Learning and advancing at your own rate, to more comprehensive riding ability.

A weight restriction is in effect.  And rider must be able to safely mount the horse on their own, using a mounting block.


Kitty goes around the world ...

"Flat Kitty's first adventure - to Australia! "  - here are some pictures of her stay in Australia with Lauren Seeley ...



....and she is back home. 


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