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Horseback riding events for 2016 :


June 17th - Painting day with Mark Grice

Painting Day with Mark Grice


October 1st - Rider Level one/two starts


This is the first class for our fall sessions -



Teen Ranch Banquet October 22nd

Sign Painting Work Shop is on December 10th

At the house - 1:00.  Registration forms at barn.  Sign up and come enjoy some wine and cheese and join in on being creative!

Christmas Party is December 17th.

Christmas Break - Clinics as follows ~

- AN INTRODUCTION clinic - including some fun with barrel racing and pole bending.
~ with Vic December 28th. 10:00 (ready to ride)

Often the expression "western style riding" is being used, but again, it's not just a style - style implies more that the difference lies in the outfit, but to ride western means a different way, a different method, a different philosophy, means somewhat different aids and cues.

The horse doesn't know whether it's a "western" horse or not. It will either move away from pressure or against it, depending on how it was taught, it will wring its tail if you annoy it sufficiently, it will gap its mouth if you pull too much on the rein, etc. etc. This is why good "English" riders have little difficulty in adjusting to a well-trained western horse.

 A correct posture or seat, good balance, timing, subtle cues, and soft hands, as well as a general understanding how the coordination of all your cues result in bringing a horse at your disposal, are essential for all riding, no matter where or what.

The sport of western riding consists of a remarkable variety of events, which make vastly different demands on horse and rider - reining, cutting, reined cow horse, western pleasure, western riding, trail, barrel racing, pole bending, to name the most popular ones.

In this clinic - you will learn the basics of western riding, in english tack to start, then we will let you ride in the western saddle.

We will progress into doing some pole bending work - and finish with barrel races.  

This clinic will go all day - so bring a lunch.

Gymnastics with Marissa.
How Gymnastics can improve your riding.  December 29th

Ready to ride by 10:30
We will go till shortly after lunch.

Every coach I have ever worked with has used gymnastics as a training tool. Some used them often, some occasionally, but they all used them. They did so for the simple reason that gymnastics work.!
 By gymnastics, we mean two or more obstacles placed a measured distance apart in order to produce a certain desired number of strides between them. Horses benefit from jumping obstacles repeatedly from a correct takeoff spot.  As horses jump more obstacles correctly, their confidence improves. This confidence leads to relaxation, which will improve their technique.
You also will benefit from gymnastic jumping, for the same reasons as your horse. The predictability of the jumping motion, which includes knowing when your horse will leave the ground, allows you to relax and to concentrate on following his motion correctly. Because you know what should happen at each stage of his effort (approach, takeoff, flight, landing, departure), you can concentrate on being in the right place at the right time. When you know that your horse will proceed calmly and rhythmically through a gymnastic grid, it is easier to think about sinking into your ankles as your horse lands after the obstacle or relaxing your elbows to produce the correct following action of your hands as he uses his head and neck.

This clinic will benefit all - sign up and choose your horse!


Fun Day with Marissa - Saturday Morning, all Morning till noon.  December 30th

Games, Games and more games. We start at 10:00. Dress warm!

Here are a few of the games we will play.
Speed Ball
Down and Back
Hurry Scurry
Then Dress up Race ...
We play in teams and go for prizes!  
All morning - come have fun with us, bring a lunch.

   Sign up will go fast.  Do not sign unless you know for sure your coming.... choose your mount.


Course building with Harley ~ January 3rd.

info to follow soon ...



Adults Only Program continues - 12 months of the year!!

A four week program - just $99 for all four lessons. (taxes included)
Join us for "Fun Fitness on Horseback",  for adults-only - Tuesday  to Thursday  nights, from 8 pm to 9pm all year long.

This program is designed for individuals who have had to give riding away or, for those that have never afforded the chance to try it, due to lifestyle commitments and changes. This is a reduced-rate value program for adults only.
A wonderful way to exercise and lose weight. It is a low impact, non-competitive time that is the perfect distraction from some of lifes stresses.

Sign up for a four-week program and book your riding time around your busy schedule.

Small groups of just starting or improving adults, up to 5 students per group and the lessons last 45 minutes.
Please arrive 30 minutes before the lesson and stay 20 minutes after the lesson.
Our lessons are suited for the adult who has always wanted to ride or to rekindle something started.
Each lesson walks you through the basics of riding and horse care in an adults-only environment.
Learning and advancing at your own rate, to more comprehensive riding ability.

A weight restriction is in effect.  And rider must be able to safely mount the horse on their own, using a mounting block.


Kitty goes around the world ...

"Flat Kitty's first adventure - to Australia! "  - here are some pictures of her stay in Australia with Lauren Seeley ...



....and she is back home. 


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