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Horseback riding instructors

Our Goals and What to Expect From Us

A positive, interactive, pressure-free environment . Smaller classes and well schooled horses.

Personalized programs to help you meet your own goals and learn at your own rate.

A warm and friendly atmosphere, between staff, students and their friends and family.

At Greyden we teach all levels and all ages. No one is too old to ride and we start as young as age 4.

We follow all the mandatory guidelines of a recognized institute and are fully site-inspected.

We offer quality education with only certified and recognized instructors. You will love to learn to ride with us!

Our Equine Canada Certified Instructors and Coaches and Their Qualifications


Natalie Hulme
  • Coach NCCP Level 1
  • Active First Aid
  • E.C. Rider Level 6 (new)
  • Honors Degree in Kinesiology, Sir Wilfred Laurie University
  • Bachelor of Education Degree, York University
Denise Knapton
  • Humber College Applied Equine Diploma
  • CHA English Level 3 Instructor
  • Equine Studies Diploma, University of Guelph
  • Active First Aid
Kristy Trowell
  • E.C Rider Level 6 (new)
  • Coach NCCP level one
  • Current First Aid
Harley Ferreira
  • Level 6 Rider EC Canada
  • Trillium HJTA Hunter Jumper Member
  • Current First Aid
  • Coach NCCP level one
Rebecca Rebus
  • Coach NCCP Level 1
  • Active First Aid 
  • E.C. Instructor Level coaching


Holly Zold

  • Coach NCCP Level 1
  • Active First Aid 
  • Rider level 6 OEF
  • Level 1 & 2 English Coach CHA
  • Level 1 Western CHA





Marissa Mallais

  • Level 8 Rider EC Canada
  • Trillium HJTA Hunter Jumper Member 
  • Current First Aid
  • Coach NCCP level one
  • Instructor Level EC coaching


Our Staff ~

We follow Equine Canada Rider Level Instruction guidelines, and the C.H.A. prerequisites. Be knowledgeable about safe riding, and know your instructor is qualified to teach and is certified with a recognized Equine educational institute.

The Greyden Team members have the qualifications and knowledge to teach you to ride! Safely!

Former Staff: Lauren Seeley

Lauren was an instructor with us for a long time. She left us to travel and ended up in Australia. Here's her latest accomplishment! Congrats for winning 4th over all at Wallaby Hills Event!


Disclaimer notice ~ we are not associated with including without limitation, any fault, debt or conduct as at January 1st 2012  with Jessica Fox or Epona Stables, Ltd.  Erin, Ontario.