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Testimonials from Our Puppy Owners

IvyAfter loving and enjoying our beloved Ivy for 10 years, in June of last year we had to put him down. He was the most wonderful loving "chilling" as my kids called him dog we have ever had. His Certificate name was Notta Warf of Greyden Golden and he was born from Corhampton's Barley O Brady and Cinderleaf Greyden Golden. I have attached some pictures of Ivy so you can see what a beautiful dog he turned out to be, one solid dog.

It took us a long time to get over our loss, but we have finally come around and decided it's time to bring in the next puppy which is the reason for my email. Please let me know when the next litter of puppies will be available, we would like another large male like Ivy was. We are hopeful to get a puppy in the spring ?

M. Heintzman
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada


Merry Christmas and happy new year from the Lubczuks, especially Finnigan. She is doing great. She loves to tromp through the deep snow. She is growing well and we are loving her. She is a great dog.

Have a great holiday and all the best to you in 2009.

Enjoy the photos,

RiverThank you for our pride and joy! River has been such a good friend to us, we love her!

Judy Buyer
Connecticut, USA

BrooklynThanks Denise for our Brooklyn, he is doing great. He is such a wonderful addition to the family, very loving and smart. Merry Christmas.

Allan Baum

CooperI hope you had a great Holiday and are enjoying the snow! Just wanted to let you know that Cooper is doing great! He is so well behaved and such a great dog. It was so nice to have a puppy over the Christmas break.

Susan Monaghan

MyaHere's our Baby. She is such a doll & we are having a ot of fun with her. Vince has been to Obedience 1, obedience 2 & now 3. She sleeps along side of our 10 yr. old chocolate. I tried to give my chocolate some peace by getting Mya to sleep on her own dog bed, but in the middle of the night,she'd creep onto Bailey's bed so now they just sleep huddled together on one bed! I gave up!


MyaHilary is a happy dog with lots of energy and expresses love and affection, thank you for her, she is a wonderful dog.

Leila Singh

MyaThank you so much for Lexi. She is such a pleasure to have!! She is very smart; she already knows 2 tricks, including how to shake hands! We just love her, and are so happy she is part of our family. What a great dog.

Melissa Hillis


Another note from Melissa...

I just thought you would be interested in some updated pictures of Lexi-Joy. These were taken about 2 weeks ago at one of the trails we bring her to for her walks. The last one is one we took to show how big she's gotten! We just love her, and thank you so much for the love of my life! We just think she's the best.



I just wanted to send you some pics of Cooper. He is doing great!! I think he is looking forward to the snow, lol.

Some of the pics are from his first camping trip this summer. He had a blast and loved the water! No surprise there :) We also celebrated his 1st birthday on the trip, he truly is a member of the family!

Susan & Duane

Our boy is growing a mile a minute. We just love him - he's a true great friend.

We are proud of the way he's turning out - to be such a good looker!

The Lesk family


An update on Levi

Hi Denise. I hope all is well with you and the dogs. Levi is doing well and is a true retrieving machine, we love him so much! Here are some more pictures. ~ Mike

I have been a tad too busy of late and am only getting round to thank you for Hamish. He moved right in and has become a wonderful member of our family and everyone loves him. He's putting on weight and he loves my Beagle Milo and runs around the garden chasing Milo and exploring everything everything in sight.

Attached are a few photographs and again, many thanks.
Warm regards,
Bill and Sharman

Here are some updated pics of Marley. She's been doing really good. House training is down pat and she has a wide range of tricks she can do :) She loves playing fetch and she LOVES people and children. She's really smart and has an amazing lovable personality :) Thank you so much again for Marley, she's such a perfect addition to our family.
We will continue updating you as she continues growing,
Dan, Evie and Marley Tavares

I hope you are well. I wanted to reach out to you and let you know how much we are enjoying our puppy! He is five months old now -- AND just over 50 pounds!! He is a great dog -- my husband Tom and I are THOROUGHLY enjoying him. He is so very intelligent. I have attached a photo taken a couple of weeks ago so you can see what a beautiful boy he is!!
Thanks so much Denise.
~ Brenda

Hi all ~ And Congrats to Reno on her gorgeous litter, just though I would send you a picture of Massey and let you know how thrilled we are to have her. She is so smart it amazes me constantly and she loves the water so much we have a hard time keeping her out of the tub!
Thanks again for breeding such awesome pups,
Leah Dunk

Here is a recent pic of Benzie (taken this weekend. He's grown into such a wonderful looking, well behaved man. I will send more but our dog sitter took this one and I thought it was really a great pic!
Cheers, Sue

Hope this finds you well. Just wanted to send you an update. Our girl is doing amazing. And we had an great thing happen yesterday. 
My son takes piano at the Ontario Conservatory of music here in Milton. I took maple ...well. The owner and their daughter Melissa have maples half sister, LEXI. She has quincy for a MOM!!! Lexi will be 5 years old next month.  They were in tears of joy to see a new "Greyden puppy".
So maple has found her half older sister!!  Haha. What are the chances?!?!  They had mentioned how "wonderful Denise is". I agree and wanted to let you know that many people have been blessed by you and your puppies! 
I feel blessed and extremely thankful to have one of your babies!  Thank you again and we will be sure to update you! 
You are the Best, Denise. 
Thanks a million.
Catharine Campbell

Just a quick note of many thanks. Khaya (we finally settled on a name!) is absolutely gorgeous and is fitting in wonderfully. She has been very good and has settled really quickly. The boys have fallen in love and are doting on her! Fiona and I too.
Thanks again. Your suggestion/selection of her was perfect. She's totally loving, massively affectionate and more than a match for the boys! :)

Hope all is well with you on the farm. Thought you might like  few pictures of another of your pups. Abbey was from your January 2011 litter. Not sure how well you remember each one, but I picked her up and she was the first to go from the ten. She's not lost her large personality!  She is a great dog.
We are so happy with her, and glad to see the new puppies are doing well.
~ Nancy from New Brunswick

Just wanted to let you know that we are so thrilled to have Piper with us! He is a wonderful puppy...very clever and quick to learn. Our older dog is putting up with him rather famously, despite all the nipping of his jowls and ears. Piper will be starting puppy kindergarten at McCann's on Wednesday and we are looking forward to it! You were right about him being a mama's boy...he loves to cuddle and responds to me more than anyone else so far, although the older dog runs a close second, ha! Don't get me wrong though...he is still feisty and very active, but nothing we can't handle (so far!).
Thank you again for having such lovely mama dogs...the puppies are simply delightful in every way. I am attaching a couple of current photos for you.
Take care, enjoy the summer, and we hope to meet again!

This is Benzi - and wishing you a very happy summer 2014.
~ Sue

Here is Daisy at 3 months. Love her dearly, thanks again Denise for the wonderful addition to our family.
~ Richard

I hope this finds you well...just wanted to send you a couple of pictures and update you on our wonderful Maple, she's now 18 pounds and hilarious... The vet said she is one happy puppy!
Here is one of our favorite Photos - Lady Maple is our new alarm clock she likes to sleep on our head!!!
Have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to chatting soon...
Warmest Regards..
~ Catharine and Campbell

KhayaHi Denise,
I promised some pics of "Khaya". She is - and I have had nothing but labs since I was a wee lad - the most lovely yet. She's been a wonderful addition to the family and we all love her to bits. She's just great with the kids and incredibly sweet and sociable with everyone. And sooo well-behaved for any breed - especially a lab! Amazing! She's got her mum's personality - totally sweet and loving - and is not a couch potato at all, but active and a lot of fun. Loves swimming, sailing!, ball games and is pretty damned clever. Just an awesome girl.
Many kudos to you and many thanks too.
Seriously best lab I've had (of 10-ish), and we've sourced them from breeders in England, Canada, South Africa and the USA. You're doing something very special! :)
Will send another photo or two. Sorry these aren't ideal (for your purposes) - will try to get some more.
Chris et al

BenzieBenzie is full of the holiday spirit with his brand new red toy.  He is up to 104.2 pounds and every time we take him to the vet, he remarks at how great a dog he is. Well, he has been saying that for 5.5 years!
We just love him so much, and wishing you all and yours a very Merry Christmas.
~ Sue

HudsonHi Denise,
Hope all is well with you.  I just thought I'd follow up with you on Hudson (from the Reno/Malloy litter Dec.25th). We are really enjoying him and he's growing so fast.

KonaHi Denise ~

Just sending picture of Kona to and she is 50 lbs now. She will be going to vet on Wednesday to get spayed. She's a hand full.  She goes from 0 to 90 in a second and very strong for such a little one.  But we love her, very social and kind.
Thanks again she's been a joy to have.

Bye for now Lew & Di


Hi Denise,

Here are some pics of Benzie.
He is now 104 pounds; hopefully he will not get any bigger. :)
Your puppies are beautiful!
I hope you are keeping well.

Cheers, Sue

MollyHi Denise,
Karen here, I'm sure you remember me and Molly.  
Coming up to be 2 years old in May.  She really is a beautiful dog.
These were recently taken.  
Anyway, I just wanted to show you how beautiful she is! 


Hi Denise,
Just wanted to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.  
Attached is a picture of Match at 9 months of age.  
He is so handsome, and well loved!

All the best in the new year.
Anthony & family

BenzieHi Denise,
Benzie loves to be in family photo shoots. And, yesterday was no exception.
He had two of the grandkids here for a birthday party and Christmas photo taking. Benzie is still a pup at heart. He loves to play and eat too.
His weight hovers around 96 pounds; give or take the odd milkbone biscuit. The vet continues to marvel at his shape (muscular) and how fit he is (he gets several walks a day) and enjoys running on our property. Swimming has been out of the question since late October. The water has been far too rough and cold. He is smart enough to know this.
I check your website periodically. Your new labs look beautiful.
I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas with your family.
cheers Sue


Hi Denise,

Here are some pictures of Abby. She's persistent, driven, and catches on very quickly. I'm sure she would have been a great search and rescue dog. She cracks us up every day!
We get asked so many times where she came from because she's beautiful and "couldn't possibly be from around here" and would we consider breeding her.
A couple more pictures for you below. Bailey was one of yours too. She will be 13 years young in March and was from Maggie and Jug if my memory serves me correctly.

Take care and who knows, I may be knocking on your door again one day for another.



Hi Denise - Dog pictures as promised. We are very pleased and thankful! We love her so much, and can't imagine our lives without her.

Chris and family.


Hi Denise,

Just thought I’d email you a recent pic of Hudson (Reno/Malloy Dec.25th litter). He is almost 8 months old and weighs a hefty 70 pounds. He is having a great summer swimming and going to doggy daycare. His temperament is amazing, he loves every dog and human he meets. Congrats on Roary’s litter, I’m sure your summer has been super busy with all those puppies!

Don Dupuis and Allyson McMahon


Hi Denise:

Just wanted to send you a quick update on Kitten! She has grown so much over the past 3 weeks! She is the love of our household and is bringing us such happiness everyday! She is so smart and full of excitement and the most popular creature in our entire neighbourhood! She comes with me everywhere; to all of the arenas, dance studio and is the mascot for my son’s hockey team!

I have attached a couple of pics from our last weekend at the cottage and a new costume she is considering for Halloween!
KittenHope that you are well!

BillHi Denise:

Just thought u would like this pic of lil Bill we are enjoying him he is a beautiful boy growing like a weed!!

This was 2 weeks ago he won't even fit in this now. Our little pupkin lol.

Happy Thanksgiving,
Tania and Jamie Billard

BillGood morning Denise,

I am sending pictures of Teddy, he is a hilarious boy. Already retrieving the morning paper (the big weekend paper not so much :) ... we love him as do all the neighbourhood kids.



Hi Denise,

We are loving our pup Bill, he is turning out to be such a lovely boy. This picture is first week we got him til now. He has a wonderful personality. This is our daughter with him, look how much she's grown in four months.    

Merry Christmas,
Tania and Jamie Billard


Hi Denise,

I hope this email finds you well. I noticed that you recently had another litter of pups in February, must be keeping you busy.  Just wanted to touch base and send you some pictures of our dog Match at 3 years old. He continues to be an awesome companion both at home and in the field. I can't thank you enough, once again for a wonderful family pet. Take care and talk soon.

Anthony Sinisi


Hi Denise,Maggie

Thought I would send you an update on Maggie as she approaches 12 weeks. She is growing in leaps and bounds and her adult coat is slowing coming in.

She was a bit shy of others at first but we jumped right into puppy classes and she has really come into her own. She is brilliant, learning her commands and heeling wonderfully. Everybody comments on how beautiful she is. I cannot sing her praises enough.

We are thrilled to have her and can't wait for future adventures. I attach a very small sampling of
the pictures we have.



Hi Denise,

Denise ~ Here is Miss Libby.  She's the BEST!

~ Eric


Ooh Denise, we are totally besotted with your darling Errigal. He is beyond fabulous and has really settled in and having fun with everyone.

It was my turn to host our Irish Book Club tonight and Errigal was SO happy-out when Jim carried him in to meet my girlfriends. There were six of us, and each one wanted to hold him. His tail was wagging like crazy and he bestowed adorable kisses on each of them as he was passed gently around from one to the other.

You cannot imagine the sheer joy you, Reno and Errigal have brought into our lives. We cannot express the great depth of our gratitude to you.

~ Joan (Kitchener)


Hi Denise,

Thinking of you and the incredible joy you have brought into our family.

With love,

~ Joan (Kitchener)

(Errigal visiting the Pet Shop and definitely not impressed with a seaweed doggie bone treat from the owner lol)


I thought I would share a picture of Duke with you. This was the day we brought him home and surprised our kids. Duke came from Reno's litter. He fits perfectly into our family. He's growing like a weed and very playful.


Caesar and big brother

Just wanted to send you this. They are inseparable!
We just love her!!!



Hi Denise,Hank
Greetings from Nova Scotia. Thought I'd send along some pictures to update you.
Hank is such a good puppy, you picked the perfect one for us!! So many people love his colour and have asked where I got him. I have passed your name along to them. He loves the water and his big brother Ben.
Hope all is well with you and your animals.
Thank you, Erin :)


His very very best friend - thank u for this joy in our lives.



Hi Denise – an updated photo of our darling Teddy. He's a constant to joy to us. A Lab through and through: loves food, swimming, food, his ball, his park buddies, food, all kids big and small, and a good chew toy. Thanks for picking such a perfect match for our household.

Liz and Wayne

Denise this is Ben - at 12 weeks. You couldn't have picked a better dog for me, I am so happy with him. We will send more.

~ Mark (Niagara)

ErrigalDear Denise,

It's been so long since we have been in touch. I just wanted you to know that Errigal is totally amazing and loved to the moon and back x 1,000 and more by us all. He creates a sensation wherever he goes! We are like a couple of celebrities!

I am forever indebted to you for the most wonderful puppy. All our family love him more than life itself.

Thank you, Denise, from the bottom of our hearts.

~ Joan and Jim, Aisling and James

TimberHi Denise,

I was thinking about you today and thought I would drop you a line. I have attached a picture Timber. He is doing very well. I thought you may enjoy seeing him.

Hope you are well.

Timber is well loved and I am grateful to you for letting him stay with me.

~ Pam in B.C.


Denise this is Ben – at 12 weeks. You couldn't have picked a better dog for me, I am so happy with him. We will send more.

~ Mark (Niagara)

ErrigalErrigalSome pics of Errigal graduating his puppy class two months ago, and this morning enjoying the stream at Parkview, our son's cemetery.

Errigal has since graduated again from Every Puppy Education into Levels Unlimited, starting at Level One commencing next Tuesday.

He is a most amazing Greyden puppy!

Sending you our love, Denise...
Always... Joan and Errigal



Hi Denise,

Maggie is nearing 18 months as our daughter closes in on 6 months (their birthdays are 8 days apart). Elora absolutely adores Maggie and the feeling is mutual. Maggie loves laying with her while I'm in the kitchen. We will be knocking in your door for another puppy in a few years! thank you so much for this blessing!!


Benny graduatesBen graduated puppy class two days ago - so proud of him.He is 11 weeks old.

~ Mark (Niagara)


I just wanted to share, my boy Sammy. I bought sammy almost 13 years ago from you guys. He was amazing. He was handsome and so intelligent. Thank you for providing me with my best friend. He had no major issues like cancer etc. The pain of being old was unmanageable and I couldn't bear to see him suffering.
When I am ready, I will be back. I can't thank you enough for such a handsome and smart boy. He was truly incredible. I loved him with everything I had. My heart is shattered right now.

~ Ashley

SammyHello Greyden Farms,

We would like to be on the cancellation list for your lab puppies. We are open to any sex, and I bought my last Labrador from you 13 years ago whom we lost a month ago. The house isn't the same without our Sammy. He was the best, which is why I am now returning.
Praying for a cancellation. As your labs are the best and my heart will be fulfilled again to give a pup a great home.

Thank you in advance
Ashley & Kevin

HudsonHi Denise,

I thought I’d touch base with you again and send you some pics taken this year of Hudson. He is such a handsome and smart boy. He will be turning 3 in just a few months. Hudson is on Instagram at @hudson_rushing_in. We recently this year found his half sister from Greyden Farms. Her name is Abbey and she is from New Brunswick. She is from Quincy and Malloy. We hope all is well with you.


Allyson McMahon and Don Dupuis

TeddyMore of our lap-dog, stick dog, couch potato Teddy. I have an embarrassment of pix and videos... he's used to being the centre of attention of course. He is such a beautiful guy. Does this crazy kangaroo thing when he sees his best dog friends coming down the sidewalk but has otherwise settled down to be a great, great dog. We can't thank you enough. Hope all is well with you and your family (2 and four legged).


Abby Hi there Denise,

Hope this finds you well. Here are some pics of one of your girls. In case you don't remember, Abbey is from Quincy and Malloy's 2011 litter. She lives in New Brunswick.

Abbs continues to make us laugh every day. She loves the outdoors, has a brute strength I've never seen before, and is very sweet-natured. We often get comments from strangers about how beautiful she is. Some comment "You didn't get her around here, did you?"

Thanks again for doing what you do,
Nancy, Nicole and Abbey

ErrigalHi Denise,

We are having the most wonderful experience with your most darling puppy. To think that you had to nurse Errigal being such a tiny runt of Reno’s litter, we are forever indebted to you for saving our amazing and most handsome Labrador retriever.

Although our labs, Liffey and Maestro, were our dreams come true in their line and intelligence, Errigal has surpassed our wildest dreams with the adorable and tiny puppy we brought home from Greyden Kennels.

Denise, I will always be indebted to you for pairing Errigal and myself. I was most particular in keeping his environment calm and steady, which suited us both so much...I was recovering from a serious concussion, and I had so much love and attention to give to our most darling Greyden puppy.

Anyway, Denise, the reason I am emailing you now is that Errigal, as you know, is a most special Labrador in that he has all the pure and special qualities that make his breed so beloved.

Sue Alexander’s ‘Dogs in the Park’ Puppy and Dog training school in Guelph, has said that there should be more labs like Errigal in the world on account of his intelligence and awareness. Isn’t it absolutely amazing Denise, that Errigal, the tiniest of the litter, would receive such accolades for form, line and THE MOST WONDERFUL DISPOSITION.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing Errigal for me.

We love each other unconditionally,


Hi Denise,

Here are some pictures of Max. He is doing well and growing like a weed.
We are having so much fun with him. He is such a great great dog.



Hi Denise,

First off our entire family wants to thank you again for allowing us to add Willow to our family. She has made all of us so happy!
We thought you may want to see how well she is fitting into her new family.

Thanks again!
The Anderson family.


Hi Denise,

Thought I'd sent along a few more photos of Hank now that he is 1 and all grown up!
He is the sweetest dog and we love having him part of our family! Thank you!! :)

Erin Jolly


Happy hound with stick and ball. Very fluffy today following close encounter with skunk early yesterday morning and 2 hours at the spa following. Still the best dog ever. Hope you, your family and all your dear Labs are well.

Liz and Wayne


Thought I would update you about Tucker. He has been a wonderful addition to our family. He is quite a character with a lot of personality.
I have attached a couple of photos for you.

Thanks again,
Mark Steele and Family

SageHello Denise just wanted to share some pictures with you. Seeing Sage is 1 years old today!!! How fast a year can go!


We all know dogs are special, but since the day that Mina came home our pup Hundy has become her best friend and protector. She is always by her side watching her play and trying to clean her ears. I don’t know what kind of angel is inside this English yellow lab, but our family is very lucky to have her 💕 Thank you Denise

~ Ally and Kieth

BenzieGreetings Denise,Benzie

I wanted to send along a note to keep you posted on Benzie.

In the last couple of years he has travelled to Cape Breton, PEI, NB, Georgia and North Carolina. He comes everywhere with us.

At 9 and a half he still enjoys playing, his toys, and his food.

You know how much joy he brings us! All your labs are so beautiful and we enjoy reading the stories that are sent to you.

Best wishes for the holidays and the new year! Sue, Butch, Benzie


Merry Christmas, Denise!

Wishing you and your loved ones much joy, health and happiness.

With much love from Karen, Dennis and darling Nugget.

Santa’s House, Dec. 11/2018
Toronto’s Christmas Market, Distillery District

AfricaHappy New Year Denise!
Love from Africa.